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NWCA Sessions

NWCA Pre-Recorded Clinic Sessions

*Access to the NWCA pre-recorded sessions will end on January 31, 2021. There is no limit to the number of times a member can access and view sessions during this timeframe.



Presenter (s)


Session Title

Paul White


The Critical Need for Retired Coaches to Pay it Forward to Grow Wrestling

Neil Turner

Lock Haven Univ.





Tim Hess


Why Your Character Counts




McKenzie Pavacich


Athlete Mental Health in Wrestling




Rand Sacks

Navigant Sports

How to Navigate Contract Negotiations

David Eyl

American University





George Way


Hot Topics in High School Wrestling for Boys and Girls

Joan Fulp

USA Wresting


Pat Tocci



Ron Higdon

Univ. of Nebraska-Omaha





Ashley Sword

Life University

Building a Sustainable Program for women's college programs




Garret Barbush

Men of Iron

Effective Mentoring - Mentoring 101




Kenny Ritchie

Big 12

How to Become and Remain a High School and/or College Official

Carlus Mansel

Big 12


Gary Wade

Big 12





Erin Sparrold

Lehigh Univ.

How Nutrition can Impact your Wrestler




Dr. Dan Gould

Michigan State

Becoming a Great Coach

Pat McNamara

Edwardsville Wrestling Club


Sarah Doty

Edwardsville Wrestling Club





Gary Sherman

SBWH Lawfirm

Mitigating Risk in a Co-Ed Contact Sport




Cliff Cushard

Adrian College

How to Fundraise without an Alumni Base

Nick Mitchell

Grand View University


Jeff Bedard

Reinhardt University





Aaron Grossman


Living the Redwood Tree Culture




Dr. Ella Calame

Compass Dermatopathology

How Telemedicine Can Help Keep Your Athletes on the Mat

Dr. Kevin Wright

U.S. Navy


Russell Calame

Compass Dermatopathology





Kerry McCoy

Stanford RTC

How to Use Video to Increase your Chances of Success




Mark Stephens

Jon Gordon Certified Trainer

Positive Leadership




Pat Tocci


How to Use the OPC System for College Coaches, Including Results Entry




Andrea Yamamoto

Girls High School Development Committee

How Girls and Boys Wrestling Impact Each Other

Jacque Davis

Beat the Streets Providence


Doug Kretzer

McPherson High School





Terry Steiner

USAW Wrestling

Effective Freestyle Practice Planning

Clarissa Chun

USAW Wrestling


Jessica Medina

USAW Wrestling





Dave Crowell

Nazareth High School

Specific Needs of Fledging High School Programs




Mike Hagerty

Big 10

Holistic Approach to Officiating - Physical, Mental, Diet, Fitness & More




Chris Scarlata

Athletic Trainer

Getting your Wrestlers Through the Grind of the Wrestling Season




Dr. Dan Gould

Michigan State

Getting and Keeping Young People Involved in Wrestling.




Joe Savino


WIBN: What it is all about, and how it can help your program.

Aaron Grossman


WIBN/How to Play your Part

Joe Galante



Josh Moore

Cleveland State Univ.


Ed Rufrano



Dr. Steve Sanko



Liv Gumble

USA Wrestling


Joe Patrovich

Long Island Univ.


Lori Ayres

USA Wrestling





Tony Ramos

North Carolina

Wrestle with Pride - Being an Advocate for LGBTQQ




Joey Boyens

Ekin Nutrition

Customizing Nutrition and Meal Plans for Optimizing Performance




Tim Shiels


Everything you Ever Wanted to Ask an Official




Marty Hauck

Head Coach

How to Grow and Sustain your Program

Danny Struck

Head Coach





Pat Tocci


Weight Management Software in Wresting




Lyndsey Beasley

Greenleaf Health Inc.

Camps, Clubs, and Taxes: What you need to know.




Brian Smith

Univ. of Missouri

Managing Your Program When a Tragedy Impacts Your Team

Ryan Landis

Warwick HS


Dr. Greg Holliday

Univ. of Missouri





Rich Killingsworth

University of Delaware

Advocacy and Protocols for your program regarding COVID-19

Charlie Agozzino

Defense Soap





Debbie Yow


2020 NWCA Virtual Convention Keynote




Dr. Harvey Rubin

University of Pennsylvania

Preparing for the Upcoming Season and COVID-19




Todd Hibbs

Hiram College

Working with 1st Generation Student-Athletes




Joe Norton

North Central College

Collegiate Opportunities and How Scholastic Coaches can Navigate

Link Davis

Emmanuel College


Kristie Davis

Emmanuel College





Brian Manzi

NCAA Officials Office

Evaluations; A teaching tool for Improvement.

Greg Strobel



Ron Beaschler

Ohio Northern Univ.





Larry Cooper


Unique Nature of Wrestling Related Injuries (Concussions, Shoulders and Knees)

Jim Thornton






Dr. Dennis Johnson

Hem-View Consultants

Keeping Young Wrestlers Safe




Julia Salata

King University

Elevating Marketing for Women's Collegiate Wrestling

Sally Roberts

Wrestle like a Girl


Alexis Porter

Women Wrestle 2


Jason Bryant

MatTalk Online


Andy Hamilton



Lara Lay

Wreaper Wrestling


Gabby Lord-Klein

Transition Wrestling





Catharine Rudio

Lehigh Univ.

Skin Infection Awareness and Best Practices




Matt Sorochinsky

Big 10

How to become and stay a Top Level Official.

Angel Rivera



Ryan Hagan



Nate Chatman



Jimmy Chen

Big 12





George Way


If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

Les Combs

Mountain View HS


Dan Zotterelli

Retired HC


Dave Cloud

Pendleton Heights HS





Ethan Reeve

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Improved Performance Through Strength and Conditioning for Female Athletes




Steve Feye


Safeguarding Your Program with the NWCA Report Card




Elliot Hopkins


NFHS Rules Presentation




Dr. Dennis Johnson

Hem-View Consultants

Effective Strategies for Dealing with Kids with Behavioral Issues




Kerry McCoy

Stanford RTC

Introduction to the Black Wrestling Association (BWA)

Nathan Jackson

Princeton Univ.


Kyven Gadson

US National Team





Chris Campbell

Tyson & Mendes, LLP





Dr. Dan Gould

Michigan State Univ.

When Should Kids Compete?

Ian Assel

NC State Univ.


Tanner Sewell

NOVA Wrestling Club


Stacy Behrens

Necton Enterprises





Erin Sparrold

Lehigh Univ.

Fueling the Female Wrestler




Tim Shiels


You Make the Call - Interactive Session on Tough Calls




Tyler Hemmesch






Mike Moyer


State of Union




Christen Dierken

Gannon University

Motherhood in Coaching: Maintaining Work/Life Balance




Kathy DeBoer

American Volleyball Coaches Association

Girls Wrestling Recruiting and Best Practices

Dr. Brooke Zumas

Parkland HS


Jon Trenge

Parkland HS





Tom Ryan

Ohio State University

An Evening with the Buckeye's Head Coach




Elliot Hopkins


Scholastic Rules Process

Ron Higdon






Colonel Dave Fallon

United State Marine Corps

Marines and Wrestling: Developing the Next Great American Generation

Brian Smith

University of Missouri





Danny Struck

Jeffersonville High School (IN)

Assault on the Forfeit




Scott Green

Wyoming Seminary

Complainers, Venters, and Reframers - How to Handle the New Normal




Kerry McCoy

Stanford RTC

How to Maximize the Use of Video to Increase your Chances for Success




Erin Sparrold

Lehigh University

Women are Not Small Men; Fueling Strategies for Female Wrestlers




Erin Sparrold

Lehigh University

Fueling Your Wrestler Helpful Nutrition Tools for Your Coaching Toolbox




Dr. Dennis Johnson

Hem-View Consultants

Long-Term Athletic Development: Age-Appropriate Training: Competition Guidelines




Pete Jacobson

Edgemont High School (NY)

Building Champions - Creating a Culture of Commitment and Mental Toughness This Year




Dave Crowell

Nazareth High School (PA)

How a Better Culture Can Improve your Team's Experience and Performance




Dave Crowell

Nazareth High School (PA)

Training Cycles & Practice Planning