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Badger Wrestling Champ Podcast Series

Badger Wrestling Champ Podcast Series

Badger Wrestling Champ Podcast Series

Hello Wrestling Fans!!!!

Welcome to a new Podcast Series by our friends and tremendous wrestling supporters Terry Shockley and Pat Christenson. A new podcast is planned every two weeks and will be posted here ASAP.

The "Badger Wrestling Champ Podcast Series", presented and hosted by Terry Shockley, is packed with interesting segments as our Badger Champs face the challenge of NCAA Wrestling. Hear side stories of their perseverance and grit.
Each Episode in the series is approximately 1 hour in length.

Andy Rein

Episode #9 - Andy Rein
It's July of 2024, and Andy Rein is in the middle of hiking the Appalachian Trail on his 'Walk in the Woods' to ultimately raise funds for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and the 'Power Beyond' Endowment Fund campaign. Terry Shockley reached out for an interview with the Badger National Champion to learn more about the journey!

Andy Rein - UW Badgers Wrestling Champions Podcast

This UW Badger Wrestling Champions podcast features Russ Hellickson.

Russ Hellickson

Episode #8 - Russ Hellickson 
Russ wore many hats when it came to wrestling. He wore them all with determination and great success.
Russ Hellickson - Badger Wrestling Champions Podcast

Episode #5 - Jack Reinwand

Episode #4 – Lee Kemp

Episode #3 – Rick Lawinger

Episode #2 – Pat Christenson Pat Christianson - 2

Episode #1 – Duane Kleven Duane Kleven - 2

Chris Bono - Badger Wrestling Champions